5 Maintenance Tips For Your Louisville Home

Owning a home means performing home maintenance, especially when the weather warms up.

There’s a lot to do around the house, that’s why we’ve made this maintenance checklist! At Louisville Handyman & Remodeling, we can give you the assistance you need to not only get your chores done but give guidance on which to prioritize for your Louisville home!

There are a thousand fun things you can do to your house to make it a better spot for spending time outside, entertaining your family and enjoying yourself. Whatever you’ve got on the agenda, we can help.

1. Inspect Your Home

The first step in doing home maintenance is always to gather information! The way to do that is by inspecting your entire home.

Walk around the outside of your home to inspect for signs that your siding needs repair. If your siding is made of wood, check for signs of wood rot. Look for stains and sunken areas. Push an awl or screwdriver into the surface of the wood. If the wood is soft, it’s rotten! Have it replaced as soon as possible. Here are things you can be looking for in your inspection:

  • Paint chipping. Paint helps protect your home’s siding. If it’s chipping off, your home’s siding could be left unprotected from the elements. Decide whether your home’s siding needs touch-ups, or a fresh coat of paint – then get the work done. June is a perfect time to repaint your home!
  • Caulking failing. Caulking seals seams to prevent water leaks and pest infestation. If the caulking around your home is failing, remove it and recaulk. This work can be tedious, so get help from a professional.
  • Landscape drains are disconnected or clogged. Your landscape drains need to keep flowing to do their job. Look for places where the gutters and other drains have become disconnected or clogged, then perform the necessary repairs to keep your drains functioning.

2. Perform Exterior Maintenance 

Driveways and walkways get dirty over the course of the year, and that can have a negative impact on the appearance and curb appeal in your home. Power wash your driveways and sidewalks to remove dirt and reveal the beautiful concrete beneath.

You can either rent a power washer from the local hardware store or home improvement center, or hire a handyman to do it. We’ve got the tools to get your power washing done, and we know how to handle these powerful tools without doing any damage. Once the power washing is finished, sealing the concrete can keep moisture out, which can prevent cracks and damage throughout the year.

One more thing to do outside: have your A/C unit cleaned and inspected by a pro. They’ll clean out the leaves and debris, clean the coils and check the unit for leaks. (guess what?! Louisville Handyman and Remodeling can do this while we’re helping with other exterior or interior chores – you don’t have to hire an HVAC company to get the work done!)

3. Prepare Your Deck 

Is your deck ready to use yet? Power wash your deck before setting out furniture, to remove stains, dirt and grime. Once the power washing is finished, stain the wood to protect it from harsh UV rays and rain. Not sure whether your deck needs a power washing or staining? Talk to a contractor or handyman to get an assessment.

Once the deck is properly stained and ready for the summer, it’s time to get the furniture out and the cushions put on. Depending on where your furniture is stored and what it’s made of, you may need help removing rust or water stains from your furniture. Get help with your honey do list!

4. Perform Interior Maintenance

It’s not just exterior maintenance that needs to be performed, there’s also exterior maintenance that needs to be done as well.

  • Flip your mattresses. Doing this helps your mattress wear evenly.
  • Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. You should do this at least once annually. Once the batteries are replaced, test them too!

5. Maintenance Additions to Improve Your Home

Some chores can be fun! Here’s what we suggest.

Update Your Rooms with 2021 Color Schemes

2021 color schemes are earthy, relaxing and beautiful. Take the time to update your home in 2021 color schemes. Repaint that room that’s not looking so good!

Install a Privacy Screen 

Do you really like the way your neighbors can watch your every move across the yard? No? We thought maybe you didn’t! Grow a natural privacy screen made from arborvitae along your property line. Arborvitae can grow fast and tall, creating a natural fence that you’ll never have to refinish.

Install a Doggy Door

Don’t leave out the four-legged member of the family. Give your dog a way to leave your house without requiring you to get up! The easier it is for your dog to get outside, the easier your life gets too!

Ready to Turn Your Honey Do List into a Honey Done List? Contact Louisville Handyman & Remodeling

This is the perfect time of year to start getting your outside and inside chores done. We can help with plumbing repairs and installation, painting, caulking, sealing, power washing, staining, cleaning, moving and more. There’s almost no chore too weird or too small for us to help with! You don’t have to do it alone! Call Louisville Handyman & Remodeling to make an appointment for home repairs and home chores.