3 Design Aesthetics for Your Louisville Home Remodel

Want to give your home an interior design makeover, but not sure exactly what look you’re going for? Start by picking a design aesthetic! Aesthetics are created using a particular set of colors, shapes, textures, and other design elements that combine to create a cohesive overall look. So, once you find your aesthetic, you’ll have a set of guiding principles to help shape your remodel. 

Biophilia Design aesthetic

But how do you figure out which aesthetic is right for you? Start by envisioning what you want your home to look like once your remodel is said and done. How do you want it to make you feel? What colors and design elements are present? Now, start researching aesthetics until you find one that matches your vision. We’ll get you started with these three trending aesthetics and 2022 home decor trends, or you can visit our website for some remodel inspiration

Rustic Contemporary 

Do you like the charm and functionality of traditional home styles, but want something a little more on-trend? Are you a fan of modern aesthetic homes? Then the rustic contemporary aesthetic may be the right fit for your home. Rustic contemporary keeps all the coziness of styles like farmhouse and cottage and combines it with chic modern elements that elevate the look. 

Design Tips:

  • Welcome Warmth to Your Walls. 

Rustic interiors should feel cozy and comforting. Set the right tone for your home by building a color palette with a base of warm neutrals such as cream, beige, taupe, or brown.

  • Mix & Match Your Decor. 

The key to the rustic contemporary aesthetic is balancing modern and rustic elements within a space. Try intermingling country chic decor and contemporary house decor throughout your home, but keep in mind that you’re always trying to find balance. So, if you have a large contemporary feature, such as a modern dark floor, in your kitchen, for example, you’ll want to balance it out by adding several smaller rustic elements. 

  • Use Natural Materials & Textures. 

The rustic look utilizes natural materials that have a sense of character and a connection to nature such as wood, stone, glass, burlap, linen, jute, and animal hides. 


Like the rustic contemporary aesthetic, the biophilia aesthetic also draws influence from nature. In fact, biophilia actually refers to an innate human desire to connect with nature and other living things. The biophilia aesthetic was built around facilitating that connection through the integration of nature-inspired colors, shapes, materials, and textures in the home. 

Design Tips:

  • Go Green. Green, understandably, is the go-to paint color for biophilic interiors. And in 2022, green interiors are especially popular. Start off with green and warm neutrals as a base for your biophilic color palette, then don’t be afraid to experiment by adding other nature-inspired colors such as blue, terracotta, or brown.
  • Take Your Cues from Mother Nature. Biophilia is a pretty simple aesthetic. Essentially anything that’s inspired by nature or part of nature can be used to help build the look. So, as you’re choosing elements for your new aesthetic, keep Mother Nature in mind at every turn. Picking out furniture? Curves are abundant in nature, so choose something like a gently sloping couch or ottoman. Looking for new decor and artwork? Fractal patterns like those in foliage prints are common in nature, and floral or fauna motifs are a great way to emulate your natural environment. 
  • Invite the Outdoors In. The natural aesthetic is all about strengthening your relationship to the natural world just outside your front door. Foster this connection by arranging your furniture to be near the natural light of your windows and throw your windows open regularly to let the fresh air in. And, of course, no biophilic home is complete without actual plant life. Decorate with houseplants or, if you don’t have a green thumb, some fake foliage instead!


With everyone spending more time in their homes, people are looking to make their interiors more exciting, full of their personality and style. That means it’s maximalism’s time to shine. Maximalism is minimalism’s boisterous counterpart. Where minimalism is about cutting back and refining, maximalism is about being ‘extra’ and adventurous. In maximalism, everything is hyper-stylized and homeowners mix color, pattern, and theme to create a bold look that’s both exuberant and polished. 

Design Tips:

  • Go Bold. Maximalists layer various textures, colors, and patterns on top of one another to achieve a messy, kooky, yet curated overall look. But, to be sure your space really makes a statement, you’ll want to find a way to go bold. You can use brightly patterned wallpaper or jewel-toned paint to make your walls stand out, or add a sculptural element with an elaborate lighting piece or interestingly shaped furniture. 
  • Mix and Match. We’ve already discussed mixing modern and rustic elements, but maximalism goes way beyond just those two  — it allows you to mix in any style you want! Take note of the different aesthetics and themes you feel drawn to. Then, as you create your maximalist look, look for ways you can incorporate them into your home decor, furniture, and artwork. 
  • Make it About You. A maximalist home tells the story of the people who live there. The possessions they’ve collected on trips and throughout their lives are displayed on shelves and furniture. So make sure you give your favorite photographs and objects a place in your home to shine. Once you’re all said and done, you should be able to look around your home and see representations of your various interests, hobbies, past accomplishments, family, and more! 

If none of these aesthetics are hitting the mark for you, spend some time searching the internet until you find one that does. And once you’ve nailed down your aesthetic, you’ll be ready to get your remodel underway! For more information about the remodeling process, check out Louisville Handyman’s resources, such as our bathroom remodel cost guide,  kitchen remodel cost guide, blogs, customer reviews, or learn more about our services.