Design + Build Process

Our holistic design + build process streamlines the remodeling process, as it integrates the design phase seamlessly with the execution phase under a single roof. This synergy not only ensures a cohesive vision from the initial concept to the final touches but also enhances communication, reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings, and can significantly expedite the project timeline.

You will benefit from the deep understanding of materials, construction methods, and architectural design to achieve a finished project that is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

With our experienced team managing both design and construction, we can more accurately forecast project costs and work within your budget, minimizing unexpected expenses and eliminating the need for multiple contractors. This approach gives greater flexibility in making adjustments throughout the project, ensuring that the final outcome precisely aligns with the homeowner’s desires and expectations.

Project Development & Design


A conversation about your project vision to determine if we are the right partner for you.

Design Partnership

Our design team will leverage Chief Architect design software with 3D walk-thru views, we can help you create and visualize layout that fulfills your design dreams and suits your functionality needs.

The Details

Once the design is approved, we will finalize the project cost.


After the design and project budget has been approved, we will create a Construction Agreement that outlines our partnership for the construction phase of the project.

Pre-Build Preparation

Upon completion of the Construction Agreement, our construction team will be preparing for your project with key tasks like contractor scheduling, permitting, ordering materials, and much more.


Our craftsmen will get to work transforming your home.
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