20 Year Celebration: A Walk Down Memory Lane with Louisville Handyman

This year marks Louisville Handyman & Remodeling’s twentieth anniversary. So, we’re taking a walk down memory lane, revisiting our roots, and reflecting on the topsy-turvy path that led us here. Won’t you join us for a stroll?

Louisville Handyman + Remodeling Celebrates 20 Years in Business

Two Decades’ Worth of Gratitude

Twenty years. It’s a long time. But, as any parent knows, it can come and go in the blink of an eye. One moment you’re holding a helpless infant in your arms; the next thing you know, you’re letting go (whether you’re ready or not). 

Joe French, our founder, is familiar with the feeling. He’s raised two wonderful kids, and the team at Louisville Handyman & Remodeling has gotten to watch them grow up over the years. It’s been a privilege to see them blossom into capable adults, much like it’s been a privilege to contribute to the growth of our company.  

Louisville Handyman and Remodeling - a Family Company from Day One

Where It All Began

It seems like just yesterday Joe opened our headquarters in the basement of his house (that’s right, he worked from home before it was popular).

It was 2002. George Bush was President. Nickelback’s “How You Remind Me” was topping the charts. Frosted tips and low-rise jeans were in (thank the heavens for trends that go out of style). While Congress was authorizing the Iraq war, Joe was founding the company. And though 2002 is the year Louisville Handyman & Remodeling opened its doors, our roots don’t start there. They go back — way back. 

Joe was raised in a family of carpenters. His grandfather, Harold, was a carpenter; his father, Charles, was a carpenter; and — you guessed it! — he’s a carpenter too. All three of them grew up around construction sites. As soon as they could swing a hammer, they were crafting homes.

As a young man, Joe drove around his hometown of Louisville and saw a need: roofs that required patching, worn siding, and families whose quality of life was restricted by the constraints of their homes. It was a need he knew he could fill. So, he stepped up.

That’s the reason he founded Louisville Handyman & Remodeling twenty years ago. Since then, we’ve focused on providing the best remodeling and handyman services in Louisville, KY. And it all started with our first job.

A True Family Passion - Louisville Handyman & Remodeling

Our Start: The First Dollar & First Job

The first dollar we ever made from our handyman and remodel services is framed and hanging in Joe’s office. That dollar was the first tangible proof that his dreams for the business were achievable. The company could take off, providing income for his family and compassionate services to the community. He hung it on the wall as motivation and a reminder to never give up. 

That first dollar came from our very first job. It wasn’t anything fancy, and we have not forgotten about the bricks that were laid to get us to where we are today. While we love remodeling homes for people; crafting their houses into their dream homes, we also still love to get our hands dirty with the odd jobs. To-do lists. Handyman work. There’s no job too grand nor too seemingly simple – and we’re proud of that. 

Our first customer was Joe’s neighbor, Ross Batchelor. The soffit (the underneath of a roof) was rotting in one corner of his house. It was a relatively small job, but it was the start of something beautiful. 

Louisville Handyman and Remodeling - First Dollar and First Job

Getting to Where We Are Now

A whirlwind of growth and change followed our first job. Since then, we’ve completed over 14,000 jobs, fulfilling homeowners’ dreams through the help of our gifted team. We’ve done everything from cleaning gutters to luxury kitchen remodels. Our design-build services allow us to tackle any challenge our clients throw our way. Want to redesign your bathroom? Put in an all-seasons porch? Our team has the experience and expertise to get the job done! 

Over the past two decades, we’ve established ourselves as one of the best and most reliable Louisville handyman services. That reputation didn’t spring forth overnight. It took hard work and dedication. We poured our efforts into offering superior house remodeling in Kentucky. Here are some of our favorite remodeling projects that helped us get to where we are today. 

Our Favorite Remodels 

Our favorite projects take a room or home and transform it. From small details, like millwork, to significant changes, like opening up a floor plan, the homes we’re about to showcase received the full Louisville Handyman & Remodeling treatment.

Brumleve Kitchen Remodel in Louisville, KY

  • We gave this kitchen classic white kitchen an open layout 
  • Installed ceiling beams for depth and distinction
  • Pillar-like legs elevate the island 
  • Timeless design and materials mean the homeowners will love their new kitchen for a lifetime
  • Want to see more? Step inside this project.

Living Room Remodel in Louisville, KY

  • We added trim and built-in bookcases to this French-inspired living room
  • Lighting behind the bookshelves for sophistication
  • Two-tone paint creates visual depth and variety
  • The small details add up to a significant impact

Trim Installation in Louisville, KY

  • Installed trim over the doorway
  • Multilayered details in the trim instantly take this entry point up a notch 

Great results aren’t the only key to success. More important than our attention to detail and quality results was bringing together a team that Kentucky homeowners could trust. That took time, family, and patience. 

Looking for more home remodeling inspiration? Check out our portfolio.

Louisville Handyman and Remodelings Favorite Jobs over 20 Years

The Louisville Handyman Family 

We’re a family business, but the Louisville Handyman & Remodeling family extends way beyond the French bloodline. We view every employee and every customer as part of our extended family. 

Our Employees: An Interview with Our Senior Craftsman 

With employees that stick around for over eight years on average, it’s no wonder our entire crew feels like family. We have a culture built on supporting each other and our community. Just ask Phillip, our most senior craftsman, who’s worked here for 11 years! 

Q: What is your favorite part of the job?

Philip: The many different people I get to meet and interact with and the rewarding element of the work itself. It’s nice to know that your house looks better when we’re done than when we got there.

Q: What’s one of your fondest memories? 

Philip: A customer’s young son gave me a thank you card that he wrote himself, thanking us for improving his house.

Q: How has the company changed throughout the years?

Philip: The quality of our work has improved. We’ve had a huge expansion of skill sets and now can do more complex projects.

Our Community: Giving Back

Phillip hit it right on the nose. Our services and skills have expanded a ton since we first opened our doors. And we haven’t kept our expertise all to ourselves. We’ve used our services to give back to the rest of our family: our community. 

One of our favorite charitable works was cleaning up and repairing the Kosair Kids Center Playground. However, we didn’t just stay local. When Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, we knew we could help. So, we drove down to where the damage was and got to work cleaning up. 

The Louisville Handyman and Remodeling Team Giving Back to the Community

The Famous Louisville H&R Van: Then & Now 

We’ve come a long way since our humble beginning in Joe’s basement. And our services aren’t the only thing that’s grown; our name and client base have too — thanks to our customers.

Louisvillians are some of the best customers around. Most of our business comes from repeat customers and those who are directed our way from personal recommendations.

So, as much as this twentieth anniversary is a celebration of us, it’s also a celebration of you. Thank you for your support. Know that we’ll always have your back and keep your home in tip-top shape. Just keep an eye out for our signature white vans! 

Home Remodeling and Handyman Services in Louisville, KY

When you work with a design-build remodeling group like Louisville Handyman & Remodeling, you can put your trust in our process. As you’ve just read (congrats for making it to the end!), we have over twenty years of experience, have completed over 14,000 jobs, and we have positive customer reviews to boost.

Homeowners regularly return to work with us again, and we enjoy getting to know our clients, their families, and go home at the end of the day knowing we have made a difference. With a family-owned business culture that encourages employees to stick around, our clients and employees maintain relationships for years – that’s what makes Louisville Handyman & Remodeling different from other design builders. Partner with us for your home remodel or handyman project today!