Summer Home Maintenance for Your Louisville Home [Updated 2022]

A home is one of the most significant investments you make in life. So, it’s in your best interest to proactively preserve it by performing routine maintenance. Take the opportunity presented by warmer weather, and while you’re home for summer, tackle a few items from the to-do list you’ve been putting off. Start with these home maintenance tips for summer!

Summer Home Maintenance for Your Louisville Home [Updated 2022]

Nine Home Maintenance Tasks for Summer

1. Document Home Maintenance Schedule

A seasonal home maintenance checklist is the easiest way to determine what summer home maintenance tasks to complete and when to do them. Use your list to encompass everything you need to accomplish each season. It should include a place to document the date, whether any issues came up during inspections, and how you corrected those problems. Along with your home maintenance schedule, you should keep receipts for any work performed and have a place for all the warranty and owner’s manual booklets.

2. Inspect the Paint and Siding

Your home’s exterior paint and siding are the two things that protect your home and everything within from the outside. That’s what makes inspecting your home’s paint and siding so important. Addressing these two areas now rather than later will ultimately save you loads of money in repairs and replacements. If you don’t address them promptly, they could turn into larger, more expensive items down the road. Therefore, if your home inspection reveals any peeling or thinning paint or you see any missing or damaged siding, your wallet will thank you for taking care of those issues now rather than later.

3. Clean the Gutters

Yes, we know, cleaning the gutters isn’t fun. But it’s one of those necessary evils that you have to do! If you put off or completely ignore your gutters, you are just asking for trouble. Clogged gutters can cause a significant amount of damage to your home, resulting in standing water that could rot the wood and roof. Additionally, standing water loaded with wet (or frozen if it’s winter) debris is heavy, which could cause the gutters to pull away from your home, taking the siding and soffits with it.

The good news is you can hire professionals like Louisville Handyman & Remodeling to clean your gutters, so you don’t have to! While you sit back and enjoy your summer, we ensure you have tip-top eaves ready for whatever the coming winter weather brings.

4. Deck Prep and Maintenance

Summer is synonymous with backyard fun and entertainment. That means it’s time to prep your deck for the festivities. Inspect your deck and contact a professional to complete any necessary repairs. Then have your deck power washed, stained, and sealed if needed.

5. Exterior Power Washing

Power washing might not seem like it should be part of a home maintenance program, but it is essential. Dirty, slimy surfaces are an accident waiting to happen. Power washing your patios and walkways keeps them clean and prevents slime, mold, dirt, and other dangerous debris from ruining the exterior of your home. 

But be cautioned: using a high-powered power washer is extremely dangerous. If not done correctly, excessive water pressure can damage your home, causing extensive damage, voiding all warranties, and requiring significant repairs. Therefore, we recommend hiring a professional team like us to complete this task for you. If anything goes wrong, we take responsibility and fix the problem at our own expense.

6. Inspect, Repair, or Replace Exterior Caulking

Thoroughly inspect all exterior caulking and the weather stripping around the windows and doors. These lifespan home improvements ensure moisture and other elements that cause damage and energy loss don’t invade your home. If you find anything that looks worn or damaged, have those areas recaulked, repaired, or replaced.

7. Inspect, Repair, or Replace Interior Caulking

The same goes for your interior caulking as well. Interior caulking is just as necessary as exterior caulking because it helps keep moisture away from the openings between the surfaces and your walls and countertops. If left unrepaired, the humidity will get into those surface openings and begin to cause irreversible water damage. Inspect your sinks, showers, and bath caulking for deterioration. Ask your local handyman to recaulk the whole thing if any damage is present.

8. Inspect, Repair, or Replace Interior Plumbing

How often do you check your interior plumbing? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t even think about it until there’s a problem. However, by the time you discover a leak, significant damage has already been done. But, if you inspect the plumbing in your kitchen and bathrooms periodically, you can repair or replace any issues before they become expensive to fix.

Also, check the lines under your toilets and the hoses from your washer. Toilet lines are known to leak or burst occasionally, and inspecting them lets you spot a problem before it happens. And the washer hose connections will erode over time; sometimes, they just need tightening.

9. Reseal Tile Grout

Inspecting your tile grout is another essential summer maintenance task. Cracked or missing tile grout allows moisture to get into the subsurface and cause it to disintegrate. When this happens, the tile on your walls or countertops will begin to fall off, and the exposure to moisture can lead to potentially dangerous issues like mold. If this happens, a licensed professional must remove all the shower or countertop tiles and the rotted backer board and replace them. Avoid that headache and have your tile grout resealed before moisture can enter.

Get Your Home Summer Ready Without the Hassle

With this summer checklist and our household tips, you’re ready to tackle your home maintenance. Whether you want to is a whole different story. Don’t waste your summer on frustrating tasks; spend it doing whatever you want — and let us handle the rest! Join the hundreds of happy homeowners served by Louisville Handyman & Remodeling. Contact us — it’s the only summer maintenance task you need to do!