How Much Does a Whole Home Remodel Cost in Louisville?

Outside leaves are falling, squirrels are burying nuts, and geese honk overhead on their journey south for the winter. As nature prepares for the coming cold, you should too. Late fall is the perfect opportunity to make sure your home is comfortable, cozy, and functional for the months of chill and holiday celebrations to come!

How Much Does a Whole Home Remodel Cost in Louisville?

Have you been dreaming of giving your living room a new look? Maybe you want to add some custom features like a floor-to-ceiling fireplace or heated floors. Whether you want to turn your basement into an entertaining space for family or open up your floor plan to optimize traffic flow, a whole-home remodel is one way to make sure your home is exactly what you need to thrive this winter. 

Of course, you’re probably thinking, Well, how much does it cost to renovate a house?” That can be a difficult question, but we’re here to make it easy! This post contains our advice for estimating the cost of your home remodel, plus we have links to cost guides, our services, and other helpful resources. 

Home Condition

No matter what additions you’re looking to make, getting a clear remodeling cost estimate starts with what you already have. So, what is your house like? How big is it and how old is it? What kind of condition is it in? The bigger the home, the more expensive the remodel. The same goes for age. The older a home is, the more likely it is to have underlying problems such as foundational damage or faulty wiring, which can increase the price of your remodel significantly. 

Older homes also may need to be brought up to your local municipalities building code. You likely won’t know what code compliance improvements you need to make until your renovation begins. Once you or a contractor has applied for a remodeling permit through your municipality, an inspector will be sent to view the property and make note of any needed changes. Whatever the inspector finds will impact both your budget and timeline. 

Project Scale

The next, and arguably most important cost factor is the scale of your project. 

First, determine if your remodel is low-end, midrange, or high-end. You can do this by thinking about the types of home changes you’ll want to make and what materials you’ll use to make them. 

If you’re a handyman working on your starter home with a few do-it-yourself projects in mind, you’re likely considering a low-end remodel, which consists of minor upgrades and utilizes low-end materials. Alternatively, a mid-range remodel may include material upgrades and usually entails the renovation of a kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms. If you want to make some extreme alterations, such as changing the layout and design of your home, a high-end remodel is perfect for you. High-end remodels are hallmarked by major renovations, designer materials, and high-quality products. 

Get an Estimate 

Once you’ve determined the scale of your project, it’s time to look at your remodel more closely. What areas of your home do you want to be part of the remodel? Maybe you have a mix of exterior and interior remodeling projects. Or perhaps you want to remodel your basement, kitchen, and living room, but leave the bedrooms mainly untouched. Furthermore, what do you want to accomplish in the remodeled areas of your home? If you want to remodel your basement, for example, do you want to turn it into an expansive game room or a sophisticated second kitchen and bar?

Make sure you find the areas of your home where additional functionality, updated appliances, an expansion, or a new look could positively impact your life. Once you have a list of remodeling projects, you can begin to estimate cost on a project-by-project basis by referencing cost guides or attaining a contractor quote. 

If you’re looking for cost estimates in the Louisville area, check out our free remodeling cost guides for kitchensbathrooms, and basements! Another great resource is the Remodeling Magazine 2021 Cost vs Value report which lists the average cost, resale value, and cost recouped for individual remodeling projects in locations across the country. 

Whether you’re dreaming of a fresh kitchen with a large island and elegant cabinetry or a spacious, comfortable living room with plenty of walkways, getting an accurate cost estimate will set your remodel up for success. 

Return on Investment 

No matter if your remodel costs $7,500 or $200,000, always keep in mind your return on investment and how it will impact your home value when you sell. 

Some remodeling projects add more value to your home than others. According to the Cost vs Value report, the two remodels with the highest ROI returns in Louisville are a midrange bathroom remodel and a garage door replacement. On average, remodelers recouped 70.4% of the cost associated with the bathroom remodel and 91% of the garage door costs. 

If you’re choosing between two different projects, paying attention to ROI can help show you where to invest money for your future.

Ready to start your remodel? 

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